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TTNO Branches

About Therapeutic Touch Branches

A Therapeutic Touch┬« Branch is a place to increase your Therapeutic Touch skills in a supportive environment. To find a Branch in your area go to the Find a TTNO Branch Near You section of this website.  

Most practitioners of Therapeutic Touch agree that being a member of a TTNO Branch has both increased and helped maintain their Therapeutic Touch skills. Meetings are usually held at a regular time once or twice a month for two or three hours, in the afternoon or evening. There is almost always the opportunity to give and receive a Therapeutic Touch treatment. Some groups offer refreshments. There can be a donation required to cover room rent costs or for Therapeutic Touch material.

What Happens in a Therapeutic Touch Branch?

  •  An introduction of each member giving participants an opportunity to present ideas, information and issues related to Therapeutic Touch
  •  A centering exercise or meditation
  •  The exchange of Therapeutic Touch sessions providing an opportunity for practise 
  •   A discussion of the sesssions providing an opportunity for learning
  •   Closing

This format can be altered to fit the needs of individual groups and may include guest speakers, discussion of an article or a review of a basic principle of Therapeutic Touch.

Benefits of Membership in a TTNO Branch

  •    Networking
  •    Problem solving
  •    Discussion of Therapeutic Touch issues
  •    Sharing of information
  •    Exchange of treatments
  •    Meeting with like-minded people
  •    Practising your skills


The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the practice and acceptance of Therapeutic Touch®, a non-invasive energy healing modality.

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