Our TT Awareness Week 2023 documents are almost all now available. Many of our documents remain the same from year to year. Those with dates noted are the most current version. The Media Binder and Tool Kit Binder will be available in the next week or so. They have many files in one place, but all are available as stand alone documents as well. Be sure to check out the TTNO Tool Kit too.

I have attempted to organize the files so that they are easier to locate in the list. The community outreach registration form is now available - there is no longer a fee for registrations. The headings I've used are: 00 = all posters, Banners, Community Partners, Facebook, Handouts, Media, Outreach Event and website.

NOTE: Documents that are listed in multiple places cannot be renamed, e.g. Testimonial Form and Research at a Glance.

All TT Awareness Week Downloads