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CARE150 - What a Week It Was!

What an exciting first week in May!

Our first CARE150 Therapeutic Touch Awareness Week was a huge success - 52 community events took place across Ontario to celebrate Canada’s 150 Birthday and to promote both the TTNO and our healing modality - Therapeutic Touch! We found that most of our event partners were able to provide us with great support. They often are familiar with setting people up for talks and other events so had a wealth of experience to make our part simpler.

Some highlights

  • An Oncologist in one of the hospitals received a session and was glad to participate.
  • Nursing students were available to watch while a session was given.
  • Facebook in Thunder Bay reached 1,700 people with 239 being during May 1 -7th with 51 responding.
  • High Skills Major programs in the High Schools have a Health & Wellness component that Therapeutic Touch aligns with well. As a direct result of a CARE150 event one local High School has expressed an interest in starting this program.
  • Flooding in the eastern regions took news reporters away from covering the event and writing a story, but we still ran our events!

If anyone could win a prize for taking this project and running with it, Windsor and area really stepped up to the plate. They had 22 volunteers, 203 sessions offered, 28 interested in classes, 6 testimonials, pictures of all events and all had displays available. In all they had 6 new Community Partners and 340 attendees. You rock Windsor!

The fallout has been encouraging across the province with people returning to Therapeutic Touch after having been away from it for many years and with interest shown in Level 1 classes, Self-Care classes, and High School Majors participation. So start thinking about next year, the first week in May, and how you can reach out to new and existing partners and capture new audiences.

Summary of Events

Windsor Hospice group

Windsor library Windsor huron lodge

The Windsor and Erie Shore Branches of the TTNO hosted 11 events. This was  indeed a Branch team effort…with many hands making
light work. The best part was the camaraderie and shared laughter …everyone said that they had FUN! On one day, we had 4 events
running at the same time. Three stalwart members were locked out of the Integrative Arts Centre along with a yoga class so they did
their mini-sessions outside – and of course it worked!!  Most events ran for 4 hours; each event utilized a display board and
Therapeutic Touch handouts were distributed.   We estimate that 340 individuals were touched over the course of the week…probably more

Windsor Integrative Arts2

Windsor Integrative Arts1

Windsor Nursing Home


These stalwart members of the TTNO London Branch were locked out of the Integrative Arts Centre along with a yoga class so they did their
mini-sessions outside – and of course it worked!! They also visited the Aspen Lakes Nursing Home to provide Therapeutic Touch sessions
to the residents there.

Windsor Regional Hospital

  Windsor - Claire Massicotte, along with Kay, a hospice voluteer, represented the TTNO at Windosr Regional Hopsital.
Between them they gave over 40 treatments.

What was really special was a young grandmother returned and asked if I could offer her 4 year old grandson
a treatment, so Claire went up to pediatrics to this beautiful tiny boy in a small crib with tubes. He was crying a
bit and in discomfort but, after the mini TT TX fell to sleep. Several  nursing students came to the room to watch.
What a wonderful day!

Bracebridge schools  

Bracebridge - Deb Gould and her TTNO Fergus Branch decided to concentrate on school in their area, introducing the students
to TT. Their first visit was to the high school, working with the teacher of the Wellness part of the High Skills Major
program.  He was very receptive and the two classes were interested.  They got very quiet when we offered sessionst
to two teachers in each class.  They really enjoyed it.  Our focus with the students was self-care. The Public School with
younger children had more to say, which is expected.  All in all our group was very pleased as was the teacher. All
students were guided through a meditation for relaxation, learned to find their own energy fields and even learned
a bit about unruffling. Before leaving, Deb and her group left each class with two herb plants with instructions to give
one plant TT and to leave the other without TT. We wonder what the result of those experiments will be?

Toronto Alzheimers1

Toronto lunchlearn

Toronto Alzheimers2 Toronto HeartHouseHospice
Toronto - Quite a few venues were introduced to Therapeutic Touch in Toronto. Julia von Flotow’s TTNO Branch helped out at the Sick Kids & Heart House Hospice,
Crystal Hawk’s group helped out Paula Neilson at the Alzheimer’s Centre and the Better Living Centre Lunch and Learn. In each of these venues
participants learned about Therapeutic Touch and then were given mini-treatments.
Belleville Library  

Belleville HW

  Belleville - Two events were held in Belleville – one at the Public Library and the other over two days
at the Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre. The TTNO Carrying Place and Belleville Branches
shared the two days at the Wellness Centre, and the Belleville Branch provided TT at the library.
The library was an introductory evening with Alison Cooke presenting a PowerPoint to describe
Therapeutic Touch. Both venues featured mini-treatments being given to all who attended.
Guelph Three Willows   Guelph Trinity United   Guelph - Both the Three Willows Branch and the Trinity United Church Branch were active during
CARE150 week. The Trinity United Church Branch carried the whole service at the church on May 1.
During the service the congregation was led in a guided meditation, hymns and solos were chosen
to go with the theme of the service, an explanation of the Therapeutic Touch ministry in the church
was provided, and after the service TT sessions were given to all who requested it. Three Willows
had an evening session where Therapeutic Touch was provided to all who attended.
Thunder Bay Jean Riddell web Thunder Bay picture 2 web

Thunder Bay - Jean  Riddell and Lee Searles presented an introduction to Therapeutic Touch
at the Brodie Library. A display board and handouts allowed participants to read about TT
while waiting for their turn receiving Therpeutic Touch.

Huntsville CARE150 1 web Huntsville CARE150 2 web Huntsville CARE150 3 web Huntsville CARE150 4 web
Huntsville - The TTNO Huntsville Branch visited local public libraries in Burks Falls, Huntsville, and Baysville, where they had a display board
describing Therapeutic Touch with handouts available. They gave TT to all who were interested. From these gatherings, Shirley
Boon had two Level 1 classes!
Ottawa at the well 5 web Ottawa - Therapeutic Touch practitioners were warmly welcomed at The Well, a downtown drop in centre for women. Over three mornings during Care 150 Week, seven practitioners offered treatments to about twenty five clients and staff. A brief presentation was offered at the beginning of the week and posters remained for viewing by all interested. Our staff contact, grateful for the women's enthusiastic response, has offered to host any follow up that the Ottawa practice group can offer.

The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the practice and acceptance of Therapeutic Touch®, a non-invasive energy healing modality.