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Annual Conference Schedule

FRIDAY, October 13

2:00           Check in begins
3:00-5:00   Registration
4:00-5:00   Therapeutic Touch® Practicum (Optional)
5:30-6:30   Sit Down Dinner  
7:00-8:30   Open Mic - Energy Flow, Energy Patterns: Deb Gould and Ann Osborne   

SATURDAY, October 14

7:00-7:30    Morning Meditation (optional): Evelyn MacKay
7:30-8:30    Breakfast Buffet
8:00-8:30    Day Tripper Registration/Continental Breakfast
8:45-9:30    Welcome and Acknowledgements / Meditation
9:45-12:00  Group 1 - Workshop B: Presenters: Mimi Craig, Val Morrell
                  Group 2 - Workshop A: Presenter: Martha Hoey

12:00-1:00   Lunch Buffet

1:15-3:30     Group 2 - Workshop B: Presenters Mimi Craig, Val Morrell
                   Group 1 - Workshop A: Presenter: Martha Hoey

3:30-3:45     Break

3:45-5:00     AGM: TTNO Board of Directors
5:00-6:30     Cocktails followed by sit down dinner @ 5:30 – 6:30
7:00-8:30     Open Mic - Questions You Always Wanted to Ask: J. Fallaize / C. Massicotte

SUNDAY, October 16

7:00-7:30     Morning Meditation (optional): Mimi Craig
7:30-8:30     Breakfast Buffet
8:00-8:30     Day Tripper Registration/Continental Breakfast
8:45-11:55    Workshop C - Where Science and Spirituality Meet: Special Presenter Rev. David Maginley
11:55-12:00  Draw for Raffle Winner by David Maginley

12:00-1:00    Buffet Lunch

1:00-1:30      Questions for David (Submitted at end of morning session)
1:30-2:30      Silent Auction winners to pick up and pay for treasures
2:30-2:45      Closing Meditation: Yvonne Browning
3:00-4:00      Supervised Practicum [optional]

Download a registration form here.
Mail-in registrations may be received at any time. Alternatively please register by email and phone in your credit card number.

Download the conference program and speaker biographies here.

The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the practice and acceptance of Therapeutic Touch®, a non-invasive energy healing modality.