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2017 Annual Conference Program

Friday Evening: Energy Flow, Energy Patterns

Hosted by Deborah Gould and Ann Osborne

Deborah Gould, RN, has been sharing her passion for teaching this simple yet effective modality since 2000. Providing workshops through Continuing Education, in Caledon's Bethell Hospice and in her local community, she also facilitates the vibrant & welcoming Fergus Branch meetings. Deb welcomes the opportunity to teach in other locations.

Ann Osborne, PhD, ThD, BSc, is a Recognized Practitioner and a holistic intuitive. She has a passion for acting as a catalyst for the energetic and spiritual growth and awareness of others. In her practice, Life Energy Balance, Inc., she works with clients toward their overall wellness and well-being, and helps them to understand and feel comfortable with the role that spirituality and energy play in their everyday lives.

This open mic session focuses on one of the fundamental principles of our practice – the flow of energy in the human energy field and promises to be very insightful given the experience of the two hosts. Although this session is not a mandatory educational component, we hope that participants will come for what promises to be an informative and fun sharing of ideas and experience.

Saturday Workshop A: Letting Inner Feelings Manifest in Art with Martha Hoey, Assisted by Yvonne Browning

Martha Hoey web

Martha Hoey BFA, BEd, RT, studied Fine Arts and graduated from Concordia University in the early 1970’s, however she has been an artist all her life! Her reproduction Redware Pottery can be found in museums all across Ontario and in other parts of Canada. Her work has been exhibited in many places, including the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto; her large sculptures, in stone and wood, stand in many Ontario homes. She is the recipient of several awards, most recently the Milton Heritage Award as well as a promotion in the New York Times, which highlighted her work along with four other important North American artists!

Martha has been a Therapeutic Touch practitioner for many years, recently having achieved her Recognized Teacher status. She facilitates the Elm Tree Branch meetings and teaches her classes at Elm Tree Centre in Moffat, Ontario.

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: This session is designed to encourage attendees, through the use of clay, to express their inner feelings associated with Therapeutic Touch®. Creativity and healing is maximized when you are living in the moment!

Martha Hoey, a teacher of fine arts, will encourage session attendees to allow some of their inner feelings associated with the practice of Therapeutic Touch to manifest as a piece of art! This method of expression can be very helpful for those who find it difficult to express their feelings verbally. This is another way that our clients might be encouraged to express how they are feeling and can be done in conjunction with Therapeutic Touch, especially those clients moving through a life-changing event.

The client can be encouraged to move their pain into such a piece of art, to express their frustrations or anger or any other emotion and for some, it will be a reminder of a time when they had greater control in their life. Creativity as a healer is an experience of limitless connection and process.  For example: The joy of being free of the stress-filled life of caregiver can be found here in this experience of creativity. It can also be an active process of joy, remembering the grounded awareness that is our true connection with the earth. Attendees in this session may share their feelings about their work or not. There will be time to record thoughts and insights resulting from your creative process.  This is an opportunity to be moving and active, and experiential session which can be emotionally and spiritually fulfilling.

Saturday Workshop B: Self-Discovery

Part A: Healing in Progress with Mimi Craig

Mimi web


Mimi Craig, BA, BEd, RT (Ret) formerly a high school teacher, began her Therapeutic Touch journey in 1996, earned Recognized Teacher status in 2003 and retired from active teaching in 2016.  In her volunteer work with Hospice Wellington, she provides Therapeutic Touch and Meditation to Hospice clients in their homes and at the Hospice facility. In 2013, Mimi was admitted into the June Callwood Circle of Friends, an award given to outstanding Hospice volunteers by The Hospice Palliative Care Ontario and Hospice Wellington.  She presently co-leads a Therapeutic Touch Branch in Guelph.


: Everything is energy; this includes physical and emotional pain. This workshop enables one to lessen and possibly completely remove these energies from their fields, allowing one to be healed. The use of imagery and guided thought helps to accomplish this. Once learned, this can easily be used and taught to others.

This work is all done in the energy field. For the highly sensitive person, this technique can help them remove unwanted energies that they have picked up while shopping, at a social gathering or evening out. For those with physical pain issues, this technique removes the congested energy of the trauma in a much deeper way as the imagery heightens the awareness of clearing the field. This technique gives us tools to take care of our own needs especially when we feel overwhelmed or in pain. Participants will experience a guided meditation, hands on practice, journalling and learn a wonderful tool for self-care and treatment for others.

PART B: HANDS AWARENESS with Valerie Morrell

Val Morrell web

Val Morrell - Fifteen years ago Val began learning Therapeutic Touch®. Today her skills are a valued part of the care offered at Hospice Wellington, to clients in the residence or in their homes as well as at the Oncology Clinic. Her home church, Trinity United in Guelph, was the first faith community in all of Canada to develop a program wherein treatment sessions are offered to members. Practitioners also create, energize and share “Healing Wraps” as part of their outreach services. Val was a recipient of the June Callwood Circle of Friends Award in 2015. Val has been teaching Therapeutic Touch for the past six years and has been instrumental in collecting and collating a series of handouts for use in the teaching of Level One.

: Our hands - how we can use them to help and heal the self, our fellow practitioners and our clients. Introduction: Perhaps you know or have read about the secondary chakras of our hands and the benefit of working with hands. This workshop will include a brief introduction and instruction on hand massage, a Practicum and meditation. Val has enjoyed, especially for this Conference, working with and expanding on this Celtic Hand Meditation. She states: “I hope you will enjoy your Practicum in which you will be able to try some hand massage today with your partner, and perhaps later with your clients.”

Every year, the TTNO requires that all attendees participate in a full Therapeutic Touch Practicum. As such, participants will receive and give a full Therapeutic Touch session during this workshop.

Saturday Evening: All the Therapeutic Touch Questions You Have Always Wanted to Ask

With Claire Massicotte and Janet Fallaize

Claire Massicotte is a Registered Nurse who was first introduced to Therapeutic Touch in 1993. Its use has become her passion as she supports clients as a community nurse, whether it is in palliative care, nursing homes, hospital settings or pre and post-surgery. Claire has an independent, registered professional practice so she is qualified to answer your questions about operating your own business.

Janet Fallaize, RN (Ret) was introduced to Therapeutic Touch at Toronto East General Hospital in 1993 and soon began teaching this modality. One of the pioneers in providing Therapeutic Touch in hospital, her varied experience supports her teaching and the facilitating of Branch activities. She has served on the Board of Directors of the TTNO, as Membership Chair, so is an excellent source of information for attendees.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask two teachers with 25 years of Therapeutic Touch experience about anything they want to know about their TT work, including: the business of TT, how to take TT into Nursing Homes, how to answer questions about research, how best to treat a migraine or any other question for which you may need an answer.

Claire and Janet have come up against any and all challenges, questions, and their answers in the course of their careers and are a wonderful resource for practitioners who are looking for answers to the questions that they have always wanted to ask.

Many members have requested that we provide information / resources to support them in the “business development” of a Therapeutic Touch professional practice. This is an opportunity to bring all of your questions and discuss them in an open forum with TTer’s who have gone through it and can give valuable insight into this and many other topics.

Sunday Workshop (4 hours) Therapeutic Touch: Where Science and Spirit Meet with Rev. David Maginley

Maginley web

Rev. David Maginley is a spiritual counsellor at the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and author of Beyond Surviving: Cancer and Your Spiritual Journey. David has survived cancer four times, which resulted in a profound near-death experience and explorations in the nature of consciousness and the connection of body, mind and spirit. He knows what it’s like to have cancer from both sides of the hospital bed, and has a sense of this life from both sides of the veil.

He is ordained with the Lutheran Church in Canada, specialist with the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care, member of Canadian Association for Psychosocial Oncology, the International Association for Near-Death Studies, the Institute of Noetic Science, and featured in the upcoming documentary, When You Die. David is an advisor for provincial and federal cancer initiatives, and lectures throughout Canada on integrative spirituality in health care.

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Therapeutic Touch® is among the most researched of healing modalities, demonstrating the ancient understanding that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Breakthroughs in technology have even allowed science to map and probe our energetic anatomy, resulting in exciting, non-invasive treatments, new models of consciousness, and serious consideration of the hope offered by ancient traditions: that death is not the end.

Explore the interface of Therapeutic Touch and medical science through stories from the trenches of a cancer unit, discover the fascinating contribution of early pioneers before Dora Kunz and Dolores, and delve into the ultimate mystery that holds a shocking and delightful surprise: not only are we so much more than our bodies, but reality itself may not be what it seems.

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