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Teachers Day 2017

Helping your Students Reflect and Shift into Future Consciousness

Open to all RTs and RPs

DATE: Monday, October 16                               TIME: 8:45-4:30

LOCATION: Kempenfelt Centre, Barrie

COST: For those attending the conference - $100. For single day attendance - $150

We are thrilled to have Sue Conlin, Past President of the TTIA, as our workshop facilitator for Teachers Day 2017.  Although the final agenda is still being developed, Sue has provided us with the following description of her workshop:

“We will explore various teaching strategies that will help deepen your students’ self-awareness using reflection, group dialogue, experiential activities, and humour. The cornerstone of the workshop is the recently revised TTIA Teaching Guidelines that is used as the basis for the new TTNC/TTNO guidelines. These guidelines help us in the teaching and practice of Theraputic Touch as a transpersonal healing modality. You will see how the new guidelines are not really a change in content – but a change in perspective!
We will spend the day exploring the shifts in consciousness that occur during the Therapeutic Touch® process, and learn how we can effectively show our students how to deepen their practice through self-reflection and dialogue.

During the day there will be opportunities to reflect on approaches to teaching students about the relationship between the elements and process of Therapeutic Touch, and concepts of the evolving practice- based theory of healing, developed between 2010 and 2015 during the Therapeutic Touch Dialogues. You will see, not only how the theory of healing applies to you as a TT practitioner and teacher, but also how the assumptions and language that we all have been using for these 45 years have evolved and strengthened as part of the ever evolving future consciousness of Therapeutic Touch®.“

We invite you to join us on Monday October 16, 2017, following the TTNO Annual Conference in Barrie, Ontario. Stand by for more details via TTNO emails, as we get closer to the day.

Download a registration form here.

The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the practice and acceptance of Therapeutic Touch®, a non-invasive energy healing modality.