2018 Annual Conference Program

Friday Evening:

Reconnect with fellow practitioners,
Restore after a busy week,
Rejuvenate in the pool or on a walk along one of many trails leading to a meditation stop
Reflect while walking in the Chartres Labyrinth or
Request your silent auction item by placing a bid

Saturday Morning Keynote Address: Dr. Howard Eisenburg

Dr. Howard Eisenberg, MSc (Psych), MD, is a ‘Psychenaut’ – what Jean Houston termed an explorer of ‘inner space’. Howard has a diverse and accomplished background as a Physician, Psychotherapist, Neuroscientist, Professor, Author, Entrepreneur, Radio Host, Management Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach.

On the ‘left brain’ side, he’s a Physician with post-graduate training in both Psychology and Psychiatry, and is one of the international pioneers in both the clinical & organizational aspects of Stress Management. He was an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Vermont. He is currently in Private Practice of Psychotherapy & Mind/Body Medicine, as well as a Life Coach via his international Fortune 100 consulting firm, Syntrek(R) Inc.

On the ‘right brain’ side – Dr. Eisenberg earned his medical degree and master’s degree in Psychology simultaneously. Howard’s master’s thesis was on Telepathy! He was subsequently awarded the first postgraduate University degree in Canada for research in Parapsychology - from McGill U. At the University of Vermont, he helped establish an inter-disciplinary Study Group on Complementary and Alternative Medicine. He was invited to present his pioneering clinical application of psychic phenomena to the World Congress of Psychiatry. He is the author of, Inner Spaces: Parapsychological Explorations of the Mind, (which became the textbook for his pioneering credit course in Parapsychology at the University of Toronto). He also hosted the CBC Radio national mini-series, Odyssey. And he is the Producer of the unique guided-meditation recording – The Tranquility Experience.
We are thrilled to have Dr. Eisenberg at our conference this year. He will be available to talk to members during the morning at his table where you will have an opportunity to meet him and learn more about his work.

Saturday Afternoon - The Practical Magic of TT: How You Do the Things You Do with Diane May (5 hours)

Diane May RN, RT, is a true healer for our time, blending entrepreneurial skills with her passion for teaching to help others help themselves. The author of the popular Therapeutic Touch Handbook series, she brings over 30 years of experience with TT and combines her extensive background in the field of human energy work, and management and administration to create highly  successful workshops worldwide. Diane is the Past President of both TTNO and Therapeutic Touch International.

Therapeutic Touch can sometimes seem almost magical in the influence exerted over someone else’s state. Yet there’s nothing wizardly about it—TT is work. The practical correlation between  assessment, intention and application is irrefutable for those who perform the art and science of TT, but difficult to identify and explain to the uninitiated. It is essential for practitioners to break  down the components of the process to better understand how to enhance the possibilities, remembering that the only control is over your own performance and not over the client’s response. The  outcome is never in your hands.

Questions to ponder include:
1. How will you enhance or impede the healing process?
2. What skills and insights will aid the awareness that maximizes potential?
3. How do you recognize when and how you impede the process?
4. How do you fully bring your presence to each session? Where can you improve your skill set?

This primarily experiential workshop explores:
1. Centering and connecting to the client –accessing the field.
2. Getting the best information in assessment – staying out of your own way.
3. Creating intention to balance the field, informed by the assessment – the care plan.
4. Applying this information and intention to the client’s field – practical applications.

Yes, there is magic, yet there’s nothing supernatural about it—TT is rooted in reality. If you have never attended a Diane May workshop, this is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your TT skills no matter what level of training you have had in the past. If you have ever been to a Diane May workshop you know that you will not be disappointed.

Saturday Evening

Rest up in your room or the library or live it up in the lounge or games room or Rev up with a game of squash (equipment is included), walking the elevated indoor walking path, a swim or a work out in the fully equipped fitness room.

Sunday Morning - Enhancing Your Therapeutic Touch Practice with Imagery with Crystal Hawk (3 hours)

Crystal Hawk, MEd, RT, has been involved with Therapeutic Touch for 38 years, studying continuously with Dr. Krieger and Dora Kunz at Pumpkin Hollow Farm. After co-founding the TTNO with Mary Simpson she joined Mary in delivering Advanced TT Retreats in Ontario for 21 years. She has taken an active part in supporting the TTNO, filling several roles - Secretary, Practitioner Chair, Conference Chair, as a  member of PR and inTouch committees. In 2016 she and Alison Cooke authored our Practice Day, Teaching Therapeutic Touch® to Families. She has taught various aspects of TT across Canada, in the
USA, Australia and the UK. Three years ago she developed "Therapeutic Touch for Self-Care" and has been teaching that at The Toronto Gilda Club for those living with cancer. This self-help program is now being offered by TT practitioners in many cities across Canada. Her most memorable moments? Twice swimming with Humpback whales in the Dominican Republic.

This workshop is designed to give Therapeutic Touch® practitioners the opportunity to learn about imagery in general and about imagery in relation to Therapeutic Touch in particular. An understanding of how imagery is enmeshed in all phases of the Therapeutic Touch process can allow practitioners to move to deeper dimensions in their healing practice. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the use of imagery to effectively ENCOURAGE, ASSIST and SUPPORT the process itself.

Learning Objectives
* Learn some history of Imagery within Health and Healing
* Know which Imageries can effectively move into Therapeutic Touch
* Experience the effect of Imagery on your own emotions

This will be an interactive session, involving all participants and will include a Therapeutic Touch Practicum.

Crystal is one of our most senior teachers and brings a vast history of experience and wisdom to this workshop. This is a wonderful opportunity for practitioners regardless of your level of training or experience.

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