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Professional Development Day Day 2017

Theme: Distant Therapeutic Touch® 

Professional Development Days are a wonderful opportunity to share new learning and experiences, to review and affirm what we already know and to share joyful and meaningful interactions on a topic of interest and relevance to all Therapeutic Touch practitioners. They provide an opportunity to connect with friends, meet new members of our Therapeutic Touch community, learn new ideas and skills both for our inner growth and to enhance our practice of Therapeutic Touch, and to have fun together.

Professional Development Days are open to all Therapeutic Touch practitioners – that is, anyone who has taken a Level One workshop. Taught as designed, the Professional Development Day fulfills the educational requirement for maintaining status as a Recognized Practitioner with the TTNO. The Professional Development Day may also count for a maximum of eight hours of the 32 additional hours of continued studies for achieving Recognized Practitioner status.

The purpose of this day is:

  • To explore different ways to give Distant Therapeutic Touch.
  • To explore the precautions and ethics of Distant Therapeutic Touch.
  • To experience giving and receiving Therapeutic Touch® at a distance in a variety of ways.
  • To introduce mystical teaching and quantum physics theories that may help us to understand how distant healing works.
  • To share information about the change from TTNO Practice Group to TTNO Branch.

The TTNO Belleville Afternoon Branch worked thoughtfully together to bring this topic to life for us all to explore. We shared, learned and grew much in our planning and development work for this day. We hope you will enjoy experiencing it as much as we did in creating it for you!

Some comments from the 2016 Professional Development Day

  • Wonderful simple topic but so important as we move into volunteering to service both clients and family members.
  • What I liked best: "the exercises think about your best teacher…great lead in to discuss the qualities we would like to emulate as we teach family members. It was referred to often.
  • I learned: "made me think of Therapeutic Touch through a different set of eyes, from a different perspective
  • I learned: "Definitely …and has reminded me of things I might have forgotten and how best to pass on the technique of Therapeutic Touch to family members and friends, how to  share and explain simply how to go about it.
  • Content/flow of the day: "was smooth and enjoyable and just right. I learned a lot and will feel much more comfortable sharing."
  • A great workshop on the practical applications of teaching Therapeutic Touch.

Request for Hosting a Practice Day

Professional Development Days are hosted by Recognized Teachers. However, if there is no Professional Development Day being presented in your area and you would like to host one, please contact the TTNO office and a Recognized Teacher will be located to facilitate your day.

Please include with the request, your Professional Development Day location and date, and your contact information (phone number and mailing address).
Contact: the TTNO office

For Scheduled 2017 Professional Development Days: Please go to the Events calendar page or the Workshop Quick List page..

NOTE: of the 32 additional hours of continued studies, the TTNO Professional Development Day OR Annual Conference may count for a maximum of eight hours


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