Professional Development Day 2020

We are pleased to announce that the 2020 TTNO Professional Development Day, Deepening Our Awareness of Wholeness in Our Therapeutic Touch® Practice, has been approved by the TTNO Board and is ready for circulation.

Flo Hartleib, TTNO Practitioner Liaison writes, "As a teacher I was especially moved by Lynn Vukosavljevic’s motivation to focus on wholeness...she said,

At the 2017 PDD, in addition to learning about Distant Therapeutic Touch, one of my ‘aha’ moments was about wholeness. An intuitive thought took hold –   'Illness can’t heal itself. It doesn’t have the intelligence/consciousness to do so. Only wholeness can heal illness.' I realized how little I knew about wholeness… my learning over the past two years has changed my TT practice from working with illness and imbalance to supporting wholeness. I’ve found that healing occurs in a different and deeper level, hence the decision to write a Professional Development Day on wholeness.”

Let’s explore this exciting new topic with our Branch members in 2020.

If you have any questions about the day, please contact Patricia Tamosetis at 613-625-2277 or or Lynn Vukosavljevic at 905-668-9683 or

As facilitator, If you wish to receive a hard copy of this Professional Development Day please contact the TTNO office. Note that you will be required to pay for shipping costs.

About Professional Development Days

Professional Development Days are a wonderful opportunity to share new learning and experiences, to review and affirm what we already know and to share joyful and meaningful interactions on a topic of interest and relevance to all TT practitioners. They provide an opportunity to connect with friends, meet new members of our Therapeutic Touch community, learn new ideas and skills both for our inner growth and to enhance our practice of TT, and to have fun together.

Professional Development Days are open to all Therapeutic Touch practitioners – that is, anyone who has taken a Level One workshop. Taught as designed, the Professional Development Day fulfills the educational requirement for maintaining status as a Recognized Practitioner with the TTNO. The Professional Development Day may also count for a maximum of eight hours of the 32 additional hours of continued studies for achieving Recognized Practitioner status.

Some comments from the 2019 Professional Development Day

The best part of the day ...

Being with like-minded people and , of course, the practicum.

All of it!

The beauty of dialogue rather than discussion. We really came to new, shared understandings of the topics chosen by the committee.

New information & insights...

The difference between dialogue and discussion

The idea that we shift consciousness throughout our day unconsciously.  But we consciously shift our consciousness while doing TT.  So TT brings us to an awareness of these "unconscious" daily shifts and we can then make "conscious" shifts during our busy life, bringing more peace into our lives.

Other comments and suggestions...

This day was well-written. An incredible amount of reading and thought went into it. My thanks to the writing team for a job well done.

Request for Hosting a Professional Development Day

Professional Development Days are hosted by Recognized Teachers. However, if there is no Professional Development Day being presented in your area and you would like to host one, please contact the TTNO office and a Recognized Teacher will be located to facilitate your day.

Please include with the request, your Professional Development Day location and date, and your contact information (phone number and mailing address).

For Scheduled 2020 Professional Development Days: Please go to the Events calendar page or the Workshop Quick List page..

NOTE: of the 32 additional hours of continued studies, the TTNO Professional Development Day OR Annual Conference may count for a maximum of eight hours