Professional Development Day 2022

We are pleased to announce the 2022 TTNO Professional Development Day, Being Of Service In Therapeutic Touch®.  It will be presented on Zoom, by some teachers and in person by others. Please contact your local teacher and watch the calendar of events to find out if the Professional Development Day will be offered in your area. Check out the events calendar to find all scheduled Professional Development Days.

The purpose of this day is:

  • To introduce and explore the concept of Being of Service.
  • To introduce and explore the concept of Being of Service in a Therapeutic Touch session.
  • To experience and be aware of the shift in consciousness when we are ‘Being of Service’ in a Therapeutic Touch Session both as a healing partner and practitioner.
  • To explore the Therapeutic Touch session as a healing partnership.

Let’s explore this exciting new topic with our Branch members in 2022.

If you have any questions about the day, please contact Sharron Parrott at 519-258-0440 or or Patricia Tamosetis at 613-625-2277 or

As facilitator, If you wish to receive a hard copy of this Professional Development Day please contact the TTNO office. Note that you will be required to pay for shipping costs.

About Professional Development Days

Professional Development Days are a wonderful opportunity to share new learning and experiences, to review and affirm what we already know and to share joyful and meaningful interactions on a topic of interest and relevance to all TT practitioners. They provide an opportunity to connect with friends, meet new members of our Therapeutic Touch community, learn new ideas and skills both for our inner growth and to enhance our practice of TT, and to have fun together.

Professional Development Days are open to all Therapeutic Touch practitioners – that is, anyone who has taken a Level One workshop. Taught as designed, the Professional Development Day fulfills the educational requirement for maintaining status as a Recognized Practitioner with the TTNO. The Professional Development Day may also count for a maximum of eight hours of the 32 additional hours of continued studies for achieving Recognized Practitioner status.

Some comments from the 2021 Professional Development Day

The best part of the day ...

Personal reflections and dialogue!

The mandala, the labyrinth meditation and the Therapeutic Touch session.

New information & insights...

I really enjoyed learning about and having the opportunity to try the finger labyrinth and the Mandela. I plan on using these tools in future.

There are more pathways to wholeness than obstacles.

I shall look for more glimpses of wholeness in our world, everyday, everywhere.

It’s ok if things are different from what we think they SHOULD be. Be present and accept things as they are.

Living in wholeness is a practice.

Other comments and suggestions...

Worked really well on Zoom. I didn't have to travel and still got to connect with my TT friends!

I will try centering and visualizing my wholeness, using Dora’s tree image, at the beginning and end of the day.

I enjoyed the mix of right and left brain activities.

No matter what we learn from these days, we always go back to the basic fundamentals of Order, Balance, & Harmony.

Request for Hosting a Professional Development Day

Professional Development Days are hosted by Recognized Teachers. However, if there is no Professional Development Day being presented in your area and you would like to host one, please contact the TTNO office and a Recognized Teacher will be located to facilitate your day.

Please include with the request, your Professional Development Day location and date, and your contact information (phone number and mailing address).

To find scheduled 2022 Professional Development Days, please go to the TTNO Calendar of Events or the Workshop Quick List page.

NOTE: of the 32 additional hours of continued studies, the TTNO Professional Development Day OR Annual Conference may count for a maximum of eight hours