From the Inside Out

October 18, 2020

Zoom Online

Therapeutic Touch® and Hospice Palliative Care
share the intention to enhance well-being and quality of life.
Let’s come together to explore this concept from the “inside…out”.

Morning Workshop

Patricia Tamosetis, BA, BEd

A teacher by profession, Patricia has been developing, coordinating and facilitating workshops for over 25 years.  She is a Recognized Teacher with the TTNO and has taught Therapeutic Touch workshops all across Canada. A former TTNO Board member, she continues to be the Workbook Coordinator, a member of the Teacher Liaison Committee and works on many of the Professional Development Days. Patricia brings her knowledge, commitment and love of TT to each class, providing an open and relaxed learning environment.


You are invited on a journey towards a deeper understanding of the inner self, the timeless link between the personal and spiritual.  This journey will venture into the areas of centering consciousness and compassion. The Inner Self and compassion are inexorably linked.  I suspect that we all think of ourselves as compassionate, but compassion is multilayered. What is compassion and how does self-compassion fit in? This is an exciting opportunity for growth and holds endless possibilities.

Afternoon Workshop

Nancy Hall, retired RN, BScN

Nancy has 30+ years experience as a Therapeutic Touch practitioner and has taught Therapeutic Touch for over 15 years. Nancy incorporated TT into her hospice palliative care practice in both community nursing and as a nurse at Bethell House, a residential hospice in Inglewood until her retirement in 2018. Nancy teaches Therapeutic Touch to staff, volunteers in the hospice palliative care sector and is an advocate for TT to be learned by everyone for self-care and care of family. Therapeutic Touch is a source for her own personal growth.

Pranita Murphy, Wellness Services Coordinator at Dorothy Ley Hospice Pranita has been involved with expanding the wellness program to include a wide variety of complementary therapies to support those living with a life-limiting illness, their caregivers and those that are bereaved.  She previously worked for the TTNO as the Office Manager and is currently a workbook practitioner. Pranita has been practicing Therapeutic Touch for 8 years and brings the very valuable perspective of someone who understands the needs of the TTNO, TT practitioners, hospice clients and hospice leadership.


Using the International Definition of Hospice Palliative Care as a framework, Pranita and Nancy will explore with participants how Therapeutic Touch can integrate into all facets of hospice palliative care.  Building on the work we did together in the morning session with Pat they will use clinical evidence as well as personal stories from many years in the HPC setting. This workshop will highlight how we can make a difference as we accompany and learn with this vibrant and sensitive population, whether in our volunteer, professional or personal lives.

Moderator on Zoom

Alison Cooke BSA (Hon.), BEd, has over 25 years experience as a Recognized Practitioner and Teacher with the TTNO and has served as the TTNO Webmaster for over 10 years. Alison and Crystal Hawk co-authored Be Your Own Healer: Self-Care with Therapeutic Touch. She and Crystal have taught four successful Self-Care with Therapeutic Touch classes using Zoom virtual conferencing software. During these free classes they introduced over 100 people to self-care with TT and gained experience in leading on-line webinars.


These “virtual” workshops will provide participants with a “live” presentation by our speakers as well as providing “rooms” for participants to complete a practicum.  In addition, participants will be able to direct their comments and questions to the presenters in an interactive forum. Registrants will be sent a confirmation and all speaker handouts by email in advance of the conference and a link to join via Zoom by Friday October 16th.

Activity Breaks

Each presenter will build in several “activity breaks” that will encourage movement and a time out.  These might range from a 1-minute stretch break to a 15-minute tea/coffee break.

Continuing Education Credits

Attendance at this conference will count towards “achieving and maintaining” recognized practitioner status.  The TTNO Board of Directors has ruled that the social distancing requirement meets the definition for “extenuating circumstances” as defined in the Practitioner Workbook.  Hence they have approved “distant Therapeutic Touch” for the practicum at conference.  Workbook Practitioners will be notified of other “temporary” changes that will allow for them to continue working on their case studies as well.  Information about this will be sent directly to workbook practitioners from the Practitioner Liaison Chair in the near future.


A full Therapeutic Touch practicum will be built into the afternoon session.  Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate supervised sessions during the workshop, however, members who wish to make arrangements for a “distant supervised session” may do so by sending their request to their local teacher or to the office, who will connect you with an available qualified “supervisor”.


This year we will not be hosting a silent auction. This revenue is normally earmarked to maintain the TTNO Scholarship Fund and is a very important part of the annual conference.  In lieu of that we are asking for any member who would be willing to donate a “worthy” item for a raffle to contact Mary Jane Cowtan In lieu of this, we will gratefully receive any donations to the Scholarship Fund. This can be done on the website or through the office.  Please indicate that you wish your donation to apply to the scholarship fund.


The Annual General Meeting will not occur during conference this year.  Members will receive the annual report and an invitation to attend the Zoom Annual General Meeting, which will be scheduled at a later date.  You are invited to join us as we present the achievements for 2019/2020.

From the Conference Committee

Updates for the 2020 TTNO Conference and Teachers Day will be posted on the website. The registration form will be sent by email or mailed to your home if you do not receive emails. We are very excited about the conference theme, as many members have been requesting it for some time.  When the presenters are this excited, we know it will be an awesome experience!

We hope to see you there!

Download the 2020 TTNO Conference Registration & Program

Download the  2020 TTNO Teachers Day Registration and Program