May 11-17, 2020

Therapeutic Touch Awareness Week (TTAW) is a province-wide initiative to promote awareness of Therapeutic Touch®, celebrate and strengthen our involvement in our communities, and develop new community connections.

How Will COVID19 Affect TTAW 2020

The Task Group is recommending that TTNO members expand their vision of what Therapeutic Touch Awareness Week 2020 might be.

A shift in mindset is taking place as people realize that the call for social distancing is actually a call for physical distancing. We may be required to physically distance ourselves from each other in order to protect the most vulnerable in our society. But now, perhaps more than most times, the need for social connection is vital to everyone’s well-being.

With this in mind, we are asking members of the TTNO to reconsider how they can individually and collectively reach out to spread the word about TT during Therapeutic Touch Awareness Week 2020.

  • Reach out to the LTC facility that you would normally visit to provide mini-sessions for residents. Instead offer distant Therapeutic Touch for any residents who would like to try this. You’ll be surprised at the number of seniors open to this.
  • Contact a seniors group to see if they have set up Zoom meetings or a Facebook page. Offer to do a presentation on Zoom – you can share your screen and use a PowerPoint!
  • Or offer to do a Facebook Live meeting to talk about TT

Do you have other suggestions? Please email me at and I’ll share them with our committee.

Here's the current list of events: TTAW 2020 Event Listing [Updated Weekly]

Therapeutic Touch Awareness Week 2019

Check out the PowerPoint presented at the 2019 Congress summarizing TTAW over the last three years.

In 2019 there were 41 events registered in 22 communities. We're hoping to beat that this year!

Check out the photos of 2019 events.

Hint: Move your cursor down from the arrows to see the location.

Learn More About Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch is an evidence-based complementary therapy that enhances existing treatment methods, integrating body, emotion, mind, and spirit. TT is currently available in more than thirty Healthcare Institutions across Ontario, and offered in more than twenty hospices. Fact Sheet - Facilities where Therapeutic Touch is provided [Jan 2019] Both the College of Nurses of Ontario and the College of Physicians and Surgeons have policies for integrative medicine that allow for Therapeutic Touch to be integrated into patient care. Click to here learn more. Therapeutic Touch can be used effectively for self-care.

Therapeutic Touch is backed by a large body of research. Click here to learn more.

The TTNO has many Informative documents that will help you learn more about TT.

TTNO Fact Sheet  Fact Sheet - TTNO [Jan. 2019]
Therapeutic Touch in Integrative Medicine  Handout Medical Model - January 2018
Therapeutic Touch Research Handout Research [Jan. 2018]
Therapeutic Touch for Self-Care  Handout TT for Self-Care [Jan. 2018]
Therapeutic Touch General Information Handout General Information About TT [Jan. 2018]

We invite you to book a Therapeutic Touch information session for your group. Contact the TTNO office.

Common effects of Therapeutic Touch

Research and clinical experience have shown its effectiveness in:

  • promoting a relaxation response.
  • reducing anxiety & stress.
  • managing pain.
  • improving sleep.
  • facilitating the body's natural healing process.
  • fostering a sense of well-being.