RNAO-CTNIG 2015 Annual General Meeting April 18

2015 05 RNAO TT session 1 Friday, April 17 of this year at the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario AGM, the Complementary Therapies Nurses’ Interest Group (CTNIG) had a Therapeutic Touch poster included in their display in the Exhibit Hall.  Hundreds of nurses including nursing students, hospital nurses, community nurses, educators and administrators attended. Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario (TTNO) members Darka Neill (CTNIG Consulting Editor) and Kim Watson (CTNIG president ) were present to provide information about Therapeutic Touch (TT) and offer sessions. There were some lively and interesting discussions about the effects of and research on TT, as well as gratitude from those nurses and student nurses who received TT sessions. Many thanks to Alison Cooke from the TTNO for providing the poster information and Katrina Graham (CTNIG Education Chair) for putting the poster together.

Darka Neill, one of of our own TTNO members, was the Keynote Speaker for the day. Her topic was "HEALTHY WORK ENVIRONMENTS: CARING FOR YOURSELF WHILE YOU CARE FOR OTHERS". Darka’s presentation covered a number of areas such as the manifestations of stress, compassion fatigue, burnout, fatigue and coping strategies. The presentation was extremely well received with many of the nurses and students in attendance resonating with the themes discussed. Many in the audience shared a number of strategies they used. Darka shared a compassion exercise she uses.

  • Pause for a moment before entering the patient’s room.
  • Set aside any concerns regarding the past or the future. These can be picked up when leaving the room.
  • Gently close your eyes.
  • Breathe deeply and slowly.• Repeat to yourself: I am here for the greater good of this patient. I give my full attention to the here and now
  • Direct awareness to the area around your heart, bringing to mind something or someone that evokes your love an compassion.
  • When connected with that feeling of love and compassion repeat again: I am present in the moment

Join the CTNIG, you will be happy you did!
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