Touching the Heart of Healing

Therapeutic Touch is a natural healing method for relaxation and self-help. It helps to manage pain, stress and anxiety and improves sleep and well-being.

Activate Your Inner Healer!

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What's New?

TTNO Online Store is now fully open!

We are pleased to announce that the TTNO Online Store is open to everyone. Click on TTNO Products from the Main Menu. You now have the option of paying online or separately via e-transfer or cheque!

Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions, We value your feedback. Please forward any comments to [email protected]


Donations has been promoted to its own top level menu item, above. You can continue to donate the manual way or pay online using your credit card or PayPal account.


Check out our new Contacts page. Find links to all contacts for Recognized Practitioners, TTNO Branches, Recognized Teachers and Teachers Emeriti.

Events & Workshops

Upcoming Therapeutic Touch Workshops

When you learn Therapeutic Touch you will be learning how to help yourself and others to become more relaxed, less stressed and anxious, more able to manage pain, improve sleep and feel better.

There are a variety of upcoming TT workshops scheduled for the summer and fall, both in-person and via Zoom. You'll find a link to the workshop listing here.

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