Membership Categories

All memberships are filed through the TTNO office. There are seven categories of membership in The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario: Associate Member, General Member, Recognized Practitioner , Recognized Teacher, Teacher Emeritus, and External Member.

Associate Member (AM)

Fee: $22.60 ($20.00 + $2.60 HST)

The TTNO is now offering an Associate Membership for those individuals who support Therapeutic Touch, the TTNO and the work we do. These members DO NOT require formal training in Therapeutic Touch and can include individuals, doctor’s offices, clinics, hospices, long-term care facilities and other businesses that have an interest in Therapeutic Touch. Associate Members will receive four electronic copies of the inTouch newsletter.

General Member (GM)

Fee: $73.45 ($65.00 + $8.45 HST)   (New Member offer $36.73)

Anyone who has studied Therapeutic Touch®, as developed by Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN and Dora Kunz, with a TTNO Recognized Teacher and resides in Ontario, and has met the Network’s requirements as a General Member is welcome to become a member of the Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario.  Those living outside of Ontario are welcome as External Members (see below for description).

Benefits include:

  • 4 electronic copies of the inTouch and TTNC newsletters
  • Full access to the members section of the website,
  • Member discounts at all TTNO events

If you would like to join the TTNO please click here for your membership application.

Recognized Practitioner (RP)

Fee: $90.40 ($80.00 + $10.40 HST)

Benefits include all the benefits of General Membership plus:

NOTE: Therapeutic Touch Recognized Practitioner status is required to practice Therapeutic Touch in many Hospitals and Hospices and before a license can be obtained in some municipalities.

To start the process of becoming a Recognized Practitioner one must have completed Levels 1, 2 and 3 and be a member in good standing of the TTNO, then:

  • Complete and submit for approval a workbook of 72 case studies of supervised and unsupervised Therapeutic Touch sessions. The TTNO Practitioner Workbook is an invaluable learning tool. To order online click here. To download an order form click here.
  • Complete at least seven approved Therapeutic Touch workshops.
  • Please note: TTNO membership must be maintained throughout the process of achieving Recognized Practitioner status.

Click here to download the Achieving Recognized Practitioner Status document.
Click here to download the Maintaining Recognized Practitioner Status document.

Recognized Teacher (RT)

Fee: $113.00 ($100.00 + $13.00 HST)

Available to those who meet the TTNO requirements to become a Recognized Teacher.

Benefits include all the benefits of General and Recognized Practitioner memberships plus:

  • The listing of workshops in the TTNO newsletter, inTouch, and in the Directory of Recognized Teachers on this website
  • Membership in the Teachers Collective.

Recognized Teachers must first be Recognized Practitioners. In order to become a Recognized Teacher a Recognized Practitioner must work with a supervising Recognized Teacher to develop her/his own workshop outlines in accordance with the curriculum guidelines set out by the TTNO and teach several workshops with his/her supervisor in attendance. All Recognized Teachers of the TTNO sign a Statement of Ethics each year.

Teacher Emeritus  (TE)

Fee:  By donation $60.00

This Membership Category is for any Recognized Teacher who has informed the Board of Directors of the Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario that they wish to retire from active teaching service. A Teacher Emeritus member retains all rights and privileges of membership including the right to hold office and vote.  Retired Teachers may participate may participate in Therapeutic Touch workshops with another active teacher and/or facilitate Professional Development Days in geographical areas where there is no other active teacher to do so.

External Member (EM)

Fee: $73.45 CDN ($65.00 + $8.45 HST)

This membership Category is for individuals living outside of Ontario who have studied Therapeutic Touch®, as developed by Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN and Dora Kunz and pay membership dues to the Network. Membership benefits include all those of Ontario Members with the exception of access to the Referral Service and the TTNO Scholarship Fund.

If you would like to join the Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario, please follow this link to download your TTNO Membership Application [November 2023] 

Note: New member fees received after September 30 in any year will be registered for the full next year.