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Welcome! Anyone who has studied Therapeutic Touch®, as developed by Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN, and Dora Kunz, with a TTNO Recognized Teacher and resides in Ontario is welcome to become a member of The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario. Those living outside of Ontario where there is no provincial Therapeutic Touch organization may also apply for membership. International members are welcome as well. Explore the directory of Recognized Teachers here. Here is the link to the calendar of upcoming workshops - Workshop Summary: Scheduled TTNO Listings [posted May 2024] .

The membership period is January through December. Members receive a renewal package in November. Here is the link to the Renewal Form for All Members [November 2023 Fillable] . Here is the link to the New Member Registration Form [November 2023] .

The TTNO Is Your Key to Enriched Practice

  • Encourages members to move on in their learning by making sure there are competent teachers available.
  • Keeps the cost of learning Therapeutic Touch at an affordable level.
  • Ensures that members have materials available for further learning.
  • Provides a safe place to learn healing work.
  • Recognizes that we enjoy life more if we can share with others who believe as we do.
  • Offers opportunities to get together, to learn while having a good time.
  • Makes sure members hear about learning opportunities for self-growth, sharing in Branch meetings, getting together to hear special speakers, and doing Therapeutic Touch in their own community.
  • Publishes the quarterly newsletter inTouch.
  • Maintains an office with part time staff in Etobicoke to serve members and the general interested public.
  • Maintains a Therapeutic Touch Referral Service through the TTNO office.
  • Maintains our TTNO website.
  • Maintains a designated Members Only section for paid-up members on this site.
  • Is on Facebook at -
  • Sets the criteria and curriculum for teaching and standards of practice for Therapeutic Touch in Ontario.

Members enjoy

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