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About The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario (TTNO)

Celebrating 25 years!!!

This site contains information about The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario (TTNO), including articles, research, publications such as the Annotated Bibliography of Published Therapeutic Touch™ Research July 2004 to February 2011, local Therapeutic Touch Practice Groups and membership information.

Incorporated in 1994 as a non-profit organization, the TTNO provides a Referral Service that matches clients with Recognized Practitioners. Recognized Teachers provide workshops for education in Therapeutic Touch™ in many cities throughout Ontario. Funds are raised through member fees, fund raising activities and donations.

Our Mission

The mission of The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario is to promote the practice and acceptance of Therapeutic Touch®, a non-invasive energy healing modality.

Our Vision

Therapeutic Touch, an energy-based healing modality is widely recognized and practiced in Ontario to promote wholeness and well being within our communities.

Our Values

As an organization and as individuals we believe in transparency, integrity, and collaboration. We embrace diversity, valuing mutual respect, and compassion. We strive to be supportive and attentive to our membership. Our intention is to provide clear and effective communication about, and standards for, competent Therapeutic Touch practice from a position of being present and grounded. Working together, we recognize the merit and strengths of this non-invasive energy-healing modality.

About Our Logo

Our new logo is symbolic of energy healing.  When we do our healing, the fields of the practitioner and client interpenetrate. This is shown in the outer blue and yellow fields interpenetrating at the green area of the symbol. However the fields of practitioner and client are multi-dimensional; we are working with body, emotion, mind and spirit. This is shown by the multiple energy fields of the symbol itself.

We become more aware of these energies when we are deeply focussed on our client. Where all these fields meet at the green centre of the symbol is an area of flow and change as healing takes place. THis is represented by the curvature of the symbol toward the words The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario in the logo.

infinity symbolThe multiple infinity symbols that can be traced across the energy fields represent the infinite possibilities for healing to take place. That is how Therapeutic Touch Works!

Where Is Therapeutic Touch Practised?

Therapeutic Touch is taught and practised throughout the world, including at numerous universities and colleges in Canada and the United States. It is accepted in the policies and procedures of an increasing number of health care institutions worldwide and as an intervention in many Ontario hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and clinics. Therapeutic Touch is a registered trademark in Canada.

The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the practice and acceptance of Therapeutic Touch®, a non-invasive energy healing modality.

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