Claremont Seniors Learn About Therapeutic Touch

The TTNO Claremont Branch [at left] was able to participate in the spirit of the Therapeutic Touch Awareness for Canada 150 on May 18. It was a little later in May but worked best for our hosts. We met with the Seniors' group at the Claremont Community Centre right in the village [see photo on right]. The afternoon began with a potluck luncheon...delicious of course. It was really interesting to chat with the members, finding out that this group seemed to encompass not just Claremont but the surrounding areas of Pickering, Uxbridge and many other communities nearby.

Following lunch Marilyn Mighton presented a wonderful short, informative, and simple introduction to Therapeutic Touch for our senior folks. We a

sked for volunteers willing to receive a treatment and there were lots! Five of us then did five treatments simultaneously throughout the room so that everyone could view the process. In the beginning there were whispers, a few giggles and quiet chatting and then it happened...silence in the room. So, so cool! At the end we were welcomed with questions, interest, and intrigue.

We are thinking that there may be new relationships developed with this group of seniors and it will be something for all of us to discuss at our next branch meeting.