David Maginley: Guest Speaker at TTNO Ottawa Branch Meeting

David Maginley in Ottawa June 12, 2018 

When I heard that David  Maginley was going to be the keynote speaker at the Canadian Hospice and Palliative Care conference in Ottawa on June 14th,2018, I invited him to be our guest speaker at our TTNO Ottawa Branch meeting on June 12th. I was thrilled when he accepted my invitation. Great turn out, with 36 participants, 20 TT practitioners and other interested people.

I am grateful to David for having taken the time to come and share his life’s journey and wisdom with us. It has given me hope and a better understanding of what I might expect on the other side. David Maginley’s book Beyond Surviving: Cancer and your Spiritual Journey is a must read! Very thought provoking and soul searching…

Here are some comments from those who attended:

  • The compassion and authenticity exuded by Rev. David Maginley during his heartfelt and heart-filled presentation of stories and encounters have conveyed his deep commitment to humanity with all its perfect imperfections.  It was an absolute honour to be swept into a deeper level of awareness, armed with more skills and a deeper understanding of compassion.  We can only continue to strive to be better, do better and love more deeply! Karin
  • What a profoundly inspirational and gifted speaker. Terri
  • David is such a vibrant story-teller, a delight to listen to. I was deeply moved by his out of body experience when all around him thought he was dead. He shed new light on the experience of dying. Clara
  • I was Home!  Marcy
  • What an amazing, kind and compassionate man! David blew me away with all his wisdom and experience with death and dying. He delivered a powerful message that I will always remember: love is not an emotion...love is an entire state of being. Theresa
  • David Maginley speaks about death and dying with wisdom, humility and insight. He brings together the experience of decades of working with people who are dying, a pastoring role in a Christian Church and the latest scientific research. I left with a deeper appreciation for both life and death

Gail Lafortune RPN, RPT
On behalf of the Ottawa Branch practice group.