Integrated Medical Practice

Integrative practices offer a multidisciplinary approach to client care within the Western medical model by combining complementary therapies with Western medicine. An example would be Therapeutic Touch prescribed by a doctor as a treatment for shingles in conjunction with the prescribed drug regime. Download  Therapeutic Touch in Integrative Medicine

Therapeutic Touch is an evidence-based complementary therapy that enhances existing treatment methods, integrating body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

The North American Nursing Diagnosis Association [NANDA] has recently approved the diagnosis “Imbalanced Energy Field” to be included in their publication, Nursing Diagnoses 2015-17: Definitions and Classification. This textbook is used in nursing programs in colleges and universities across Canada.

Nurses interested in adding Therapeutic Touch to their practice are encouraged to join the Complementary Therapies Nurses' Interest Group [RNAO-CTNIG]. Here is a link to their website:

The RNAO-CTNIG is a professional support group for Registered Nurses interested in or practicing Complementary Therapies (CT). CT are being used by Canadians more than most healthcare professionals are aware of. In many countries they have already become a part of healthcare, and we are seeing an increase use and interest here in Ontario. More nurses are using CT more as part of their practice, or encountering clients who have incorporated, or are interested in CT as part of their prevention or action plan of care. We see CT as a valuable tool in their toolbox, be they practice a form of CT or advocate for them. Nurses in the growing field of CT benefit from sharing their experiences with one another and developing common strategies and it is our hope that one way to achieve this will be through the CTNIG that this will be accomplished.

The CTNIG is assisting the RNAO of fulfilling its mandate of "speaking out for health, speaking out for nursing." We are doing this by supporting CT nurses and those clients who are seeking CT, by acting as a resource for nurses and others, and through raising the profile of RNs who practice complementary therapies, We hope to bring to light the role CT can play in the health of our population using a mind-body-spirit approach: hence a HOLISTIC approach to care. It is also through the support and sharing of research we aim to integrate CT in healthcare.