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Index of TTNO Documents Available from this Site

For your convenience we have provided links to all the downloadable files that are available on this website.

Annotated Bibliography of Published Therapeutic Touch® Research July 2004 to July 2017 [August 2017] Updated
The Annotated Bibliography Published Therapeutic Touch™ Research 1975 to July 2004  [August 2016]
Basic Information About Therapeutic Touch  [March 2015]
Benefits of Membership [March 2015]
Case Study Template - Unsupervised [November 2014]
College of Nurses of Ontario Complementary Therapies Guidelines 2014
Donation Form - Mail-in Updated
Ethics - TTNO Statement of Ethics New [April 2017]
Ethics - TTNO Statement of Ethics for Teachers [November, 2014]
Fact Sheet - TTNO   Note: Updated for .org extension for website March 2017
Fact Sheet - Facilities where Therapeutic Touch is provided Note: Updated for .org extension for website March 2017
Membership Application Form for the TTNO
Photo/Video/Testimonial Permission Forms New [April 2017]
Photo/Video Permission Form for Events - New Multiple Signatures [February 2017]
PIPEDA form TTNO Board & Event Contacts
PIPEDA form RP, RT, Practice Group Contacts
Research at a Glance November, 2014
Research Guidelines for Therapeutic Touch November, 2014
Research - Therapeutic Touch Research 2004-2017: Bibliography with Links Updated
Research Policy and Procedures for the TTNO November, 2017 Updated
Therapeutic Touch General Information Handout  March 2017 New: Email Updated
Therapeutic Touch in Integrative Medicine Handout  March 2017 New: Email Updated
Therapeutic Touch for Self-Care Handout March 2017 New: Email Updated
Therapeutic Touch Research Examples Handout March 2017 New: Email Updated
TTNO Product Order Form- mail in December 2016 Note: Pay Online available now
TTNO Writing Tips [March 2017] New: Updated for Professional Development Day and TTNO Branch
Understanding Therapeutic Touch - article
Workshop Quick List Always current


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New Member Registration Form  Note: Pay Online is not available for New Member registration

All Member Renewal form 
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Achieving Recognized Practitioner Status October, 2016
Maintaining Recognized Practitioner Status Note: Revised fall 2016
Achieving and Maintaining Recognized Teacher Status Note: Revised fall 2016


2018 TTNO Annual Conference (Watch for this in 2018)
2018 Eastern Ontario retreat in  Arnprior (Download here.)
2018 Puslinch Retreat Registration form (Download here.)

The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the practice and acceptance of Therapeutic Touch®, a non-invasive energy healing modality.

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