Learning Therapeutic Touch

Who Can Learn To Do Therapeutic Touch?

Anyone with the compassionate intention to help or heal has the natural potential to learn this practice. It is a skill that requires sensitivity and needs to be practised initially with supervision and feedback. Since there are ever-deepening levels to Therapeutic Touch®, practitioners find that they continue to learn as long as they practise Therapeutic Touch.

The Practice of Therapeutic Touch

The practice of Therapeutic Touch has moved beyond health care providers into the community. Practitioners include people of all ages in all walks of life. Practitioners who fulfill specific requirements may become Recognized Practitioners of the TTNO. Some municipalities require licensing according to Municipal By-Laws.

Learning Therapeutic Touch

Learning Therapeutic Touch is a natural human potential. This means that it can be learned and practised by anyone who has the intent to do so. This natural potential requires a learned sensitivity and needs to be initially practised with supervision and feedback. Completing all three basic Levels 1,2, and 3 workshops in Therapeutic Touch takes a minimum of three days (24 hours) of instruction spaced over a six month period, addressing the cognitive and experiential aspects of the modality. Find a teacher.

The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario has produced a DVD,  Therapeutic Touch™ - The DVD, designed as an educational view of Therapeutic Touch as developed by Dolores Krieger and Dora Kunz. You may order this from the TTNO office.

For more information about Therapeutic Touch please go to our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Developing Competency

Competency of the practitioner is gained through practise and continued study as well as participation in community TTNO Branches, attending retreats, Professional Development Days and more. Beginners are encouraged to practise on themselves, family, and friends. The number of years a person has been actively practising Therapeutic Touch is the best indicator of competence.

Workshops in Therapeutic Touch

Workshops are available from individual Recognized Teachers and through Community Colleges and health care institutions. Each of the three basic level workshops involve a minimum of eight hours of theory and supervised practice. The three levels can be taken over a six month period. It is suggested that students of Therapeutic Touch repeat the three basic levels with a variety of Recognized Teachers, since all bring their own individual and specific experience into their teaching. (Check out our Basic Levels Calendars - link below.) As well, once a student has done all three basic levels, they may choose to take Continuing Education Workshops offered by many teachers.

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