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The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario teaches Therapeutic Touch® in three basic levels, each level building on the previous one. To find a teacher near you click here. To see a calendar of workshops, click here. You can then find workshops by individual teachers or by location by clicking on the search icon at the top of the Events Calendar.

After the three basic levels are completed, practitioners may further their learning with Continuing Education workshops. They may also decide to work toward becoming Recognized Practitioners.

The Three Basic Levels


  • An introduction to the practice of Therapeutic Touch including history, theory, scientific basis and research
  • Hands on practice of Therapeutic Touch
  • Code of ethics
  • Students will begin to look at self-healing and self-growth

Level 2

  • Builds on Level 1
  • A more in depth look at the Therapeutic Touch process, including intention and imagery as methods 
of rebalancing the human energy field
  • Continued opportunity for practice and feedback to improve skills and insight
  • Self-evaluation as a tool for continued growth

Level 3

  • Builds on Therapeutic Touch Levels 1 and 2. Students deepen their knowledge of all phases of the Therapeutic Touch process
  • An introduction to the human energy system and its inter-connection with the physical body.
  • The concept of distant Therapeutic Touch.
  • The value of ethical principles and personal growth and development
  • Quality Assurance through Reflective Practice.
  • Continued hands on practice to enhance ability and create awareness

Recognized Practitioner Status

Recognized Practitioner status requires further study and practice according to the the standards for practice and curriculum guidelines developed by the TTNO. For example, to achieve Recognized Practitioner status, practitioners must complete a minimum of 32 hours of additional study beyond the three basic levels. They must also complete a workbook with 75 case studies, detailing sessions they have given and received. Those students who meet the established criteria are granted the status of Recognized Practitioner. Download the Achieve Recognized Practitioner status document here.