Loyalist College Physiotherapy Assistant Students Learn About Energy

On October 30, Alison Cooke introduced Megan Hamilton’s class to the world of energy and healing. She provided several experiential exercises for the students to feel their own energy field and that of a partner, and to experience the power of grounding. Short meditations allowed the students to experience the benefits of being centered and grounded while working in healthcare. Here are some feedback statements from students – they show that balance is important – taking time for yourself reduces stress and stepping outside yourself to help others does too.

“This lecture showed me there is more to life than myself, being an occupational and physiotherapist assistant allows me to step outside myself and put my focus and energy on someone else than just myself. There are so many more things to life than me.”
“I liked the deep breathing that allows you to get into a calm state and focus on yourself.”
“Having a speaker with a less spoken-about practice is beneficial to all of us in our program to understand that there are many ways to help heal yourself and others.”