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Alison Cooke

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Alison Cooke, BSA(Hon), BEd, was first introduced to Therapeutic Touch® in 1993. She became a Recognized Practitioner and Teacher in 1996. She has taught in several local Nursing Homes and LACGH Hospital in Napanee, as well as Fieldstone Commons in Toronto. She continues to study at the Montana Dialogues each year. Alison is the TTNO webmaster. She is also a member of the Therapeutic Touch Awareness Week committee. This group is the driving force behind the TTNO community outreach program that is held each year alongside National Nursing Week and Hospice Palliative Care Week. Alison is the co-author, with Crystal Hawk, of "Be Your Own Healer: Self-Care with Therapeutic Touch". This book provides a step by step way to learn to give yourself Therapeutic Touch(TT). Crystal and Alison hope to bring TT to the world with this program through the accompanying YouTube channel. You can learn more at their website, In her practice, Alison works for the Stirling Manor long term care facility, providing Therapeutic Touch as part of their Life Enrichment Program. She is also on the pastoral care team for Eastminster United Church, supporting her fellow parishioners in their grief, through surgery and in palliative-care settings. Alison provides Therapeutic Touch in her home office and in client’s homes in the southern Hastings County. She teaches mainly in Belleville, Napanee and Kingston but will travel to teach anywhere! Alison also team teaches on Zoom with Paula Neilson. At present they are qualified to teach the Foundations of Therapeutic Touch class. They are working on their Transpersonal workshop and hope to offer it in early 2022. Alison runs a TTNO Branch in her own home the first Monday evening [7:00-9:00] of each month and is a member of the Belleville Afternoon Practice Group that meets at Eastminster United Church on the third Wednesday of each month [1:00-3:00pm]. She also facilitates the TTNO Virtual Branch that meets on Zoom the third Monday evening of the month at 7:00 pm. Her passion is to bring TT to as many people as she can!!




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    Eastern/Central Ontario

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    Toronto GTA

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    Eastern/Central Ontario

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Phone: 613-395-3691



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Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Foundations of Therapeutic Touch®, The Transpersonal Nature of Therapeutic Touch®

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    Eastern/Central Ontario