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Claire Massicotte

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Claire Massicotte, a Registered Nurse, was first introduced to Therapeutic Touch in 1993, after completing a Palliative Care Program. She completed the 10-month program with Diane May in 1995 with Ventures and Harmony. Claire became a Recognized Practitioner with the TTNO in 1996 and a Recognized Teacher in 1998. Therapeutic Touch became her passion to help comfort her clients as a community nurse, whether it be palliative, in nursing homes, hospital settings or pre and post surgery. In 2000, Claire became a Diabetic Advanced Foot Care Nurse, while remaining a practitioner of Therapeutic Touch. At this time she started her own independent registered business. In 2006, Claire was accepted into the Advanced Invitational Program in Pumpkin Hollow, NY. She continues to maintain her status as Recognized Practitioner with ongoing advanced retreats and conferences in Therapeutic Touch.



    Teachers Emeriti

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    Southern/Western Ontario

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    Southern/Western Ontario

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Phone: 519-948-9453

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