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Heather Grace Gurd (UofW ‘76) came to Therapeutic Touch in 1993, already deeply familiar with the quantum world of healing. Heather became a Recognized Practitioner by 1995 and a Recognized Teacher soon after. Her primary mentor was Sandy Schellenberg who was a founder of Nurses In Touch, a Therapeutic Touch clinic alongside the Grand Rive Hospital in Kitchener Waterloo. In Waterloo Heather opened her own office Auriga Energy Works. She was an associate of B Young Vital Health Therapies, working and teaching there, as well as at Holly Oaks/Conscious Traveller. For several years Heather was the company healer for Prolift in Stratford. Because of the Therapeutic Touch Network, Sacred Healing Journeys became a part of Heather’s life; Egypt, China, Hawaii, Great Britain, and France were all countries where she explored mythologies and healing techniques. In 2010 and 2011, Heather presented her original paradigms for self-care; The Gypsy Meditation for Unification and The Pyramid of True Relationship at both the TTNO conference in Ontario and the Therapeutic Touch International Association conference in Massachusetts. In 2015, Heather’s key presentation: The Higgs Boson, Mary Magdalene and Therapeutic Touch was very well received. Unity Consciousness was the theme. Her presentation included her original play and song: The Temple Prostitutes, and There’s No Such Thing As A Final Goodbye, illuminating unification principles in both the energetic and material world. Heather had the privilege of working at the Steel Health Clinic from 2015 until she retired. The Steel Technique effectively liberates many from issues they have dealt with for years. Therapeutic Touch was a natural fit. Today, Heather leads a free Way of Love Guided Healing Meditation Sunday mornings at 11:00. All are welcome.


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