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Lori Maisonville

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I believe in a purposeful and creative approach to workplace wellness. Where focus goes, energy flows through body, mind, and spirit. Energy work is profoundly simple and relaxing benefits are felt, literally, within a couple of moments. This evidence-based, simple, non-invasive healing energy modality helps employees replace unwanted stress with relaxation in under 15 minutes. One of the most positive outcomes is improved sleep. Can you benefit from improved sleep at night? Each session is individualized based on the needs of the person. With increased awareness of Work-Life Balance, more employers are investing in holistic services to help cope with stress – especially during the pandemic. Sessions can also be given via zoom: distant healing. Energy work helps people of all ages to maximize their potential. I provide on-site Corporate Wellness Services for college students during exams, employees at corporate / faculty retreats, educators & counselors at addiction treatment centers. I’m also an energy worker volunteer at the Windsor Hospice--Palliative Care. Imagine if we recharged ourselves as often as we recharged our cellphones, in order to perform at our peak. I am confident that people of all ages can benefit from this evidence-based, portable and holistic wellness service.



Practice Regions:

    Southern/Western Ontario

Contact Info:

Phone: 519-966-9692

Email: [email protected]

Practice Cities:

    Southern/Western Ontario