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Roxana Roshon

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After personally experiencing the healing power of complementary medicine, Roxana began studying holistic therapies. She started her Therapeutic Touch® training in the spring of 2012 with Mimi Craig and Valerie Morrell. In early 2015, she became a Recognized Therapeutic Touch Practitioner. She has also learned and continues to assist clients with their healing journeys through the additional modalities of BOS, TBM, craniosacral therapy, and indigenous healing methods (Toltec / Mexica). With her PhD in Toxicology (University of Guelph, 1997), she is able to bridge between Western medicine and complementary therapies. She provides Therapeutic Touch and other healing services from her practice spaces in Guelph, Hanover, and Neustadt. Additionally, sessions can be conducted outside so the elements (earth, air, fire, and water) participate.



Practice Regions:

    Southern/Western Ontario

Contact Info:

Phone: 519-400-5463

Email: [email protected]


Practice Cities:


    Hanover / Neustadt