Note 1: What it Means to Hold Space for Others and How to Do It Well. This is a beautiful article written by Heather Plett of Winnipeg, posted with her permission. An excellent article for those working in Palliative Care or hospice.

Note 2. Crystal Hawk has this to say about these articles: "At the very beginning of Therapeutic Touch Dora and Erik Peper wrote these articles ... But if you read them you will see that (1) they were ahead of their time, and (2) they can withstand the passing of time - they are still excellent and correct at the same time." Dr. Peper has given us permission to post them on our website.

Another article of Dr. Peper's, "Compassionate Presence: Covert Training Invites Subtle Energies Insights" is published in the TTNC Winter 2016 edition.