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Therapeutic Touch for Self-Care at Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office

Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office

Annefrances, one of our TTNO members brings this report:

Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office (TNO) is a multicultural, multi-service agency providing a wide range of community services since 1985. Services are provided through its three offices in the Flemingdon and Thorncliffe Park areas of East York. I was invited to facilitate some self-care sessions for the Care Givers in Transition Program.  Eighteen live-in caregivers who take care of families, children and the elderly were all very keen to attend the two July sessions. They  responded very quickly to both experiencing and clearing their own fields. One person who could not 'feel' the field, expressed how much more relaxed she felt after the Blue Bottle meditation.

Most of the participants were interested in discussing how to care for themselves around emotional pain, so we talked about this in the second session. Starting with a guided meditation, I then chose from Dora Kunz, The Spiritual Dimension of Therapeutic Touch, "Suggested Exercise to Resolve Resentment". Participants then cleared their fields, and they all felt the clearing was even more effective than what they had experienced the first time.

We energized cotton and enjoyed the experience of taking care of ourselves. For myself, as facilitator and practitioner, I am increasingly learning that self-care IS primary, and value the benefits of this modality. I was most pleased to be able to share this in the community.

Claremont Seniors Learn About Therapeutic Touch

Claremont Seniors PractitionersClaremont Seniors 1The TTNO Claremont Branch [at left] was able to participate in the spirit of the Therapeutic Touch Awareness for Canada 150 on May 18. It was a little later in May but worked best for our hosts. We met with the Seniors' group at the Claremont Community Centre right in the village [see photo on right]. The afternoon began with a potluck luncheon...delicious of course. It was really interesting to chat with the members, finding out that this group seemed to encompass not just Claremont but the surrounding areas of Pickering, Uxbridge and many other communities nearby. 

Following lunch Marilyn Mighton presented a wonderful short, informative, and simple introduction to Therapeutic Touch for our senior folks. We asked for volunteers willing to receive a treatment and there were lots! Five of us then did five treatments simultaneously throughout the room so that everyone could view the process. In the beginning there were whispers, a few giggles and quiet chatting and then it happened...silence in the room. So, so cool! At the end we were welcomed with questions, interest, and intrigue.

We are thinking that there may be new relationships developed with this group of seniors and it will be something for all of us to discuss at our next branch meeting.



The Huntington Society of Canada Learns About Therapeutic Touch

The Whitby Tlynn v at HC event for webTNO Branch has developed a community partnership with the Huntington Society of Canada Durham Region Group through presentations at their support group and offering TT sessions at the Durham Region Walk to Cure Huntington Disease.  Huntington Disease (HD) is a genetic neurological disorder which affects an individual’s emotional, cognitive and physical status.  Currently this progressive disease is incurable.  

On April 25, 2016 the Whitby Branch was invited to present Therapeutic Touch to the Huntington Society of Canada - Family Services Resource Centre Directors' meeting. There were 16 social workers in attendance from BC (1), AB (2), SK (1), MB (1), ON (6), NB (1), NS/PEI (1) and NL (1).  Also attending were the Family Services Coordinator from the National Office and the National Director of Family Service and Community Development.  Three practitioners (Lynn Vukosavljevic, Holly Nicol and Bunny Clark) attended to present TT, provide a demonstration of a session and offer mini TT sessions to interested individuals. All the provincial networks that have their own pamphlets generously sent copies for the presentation so the social workers received the applicable pamphlet, the TTNC pamphlet and the TTNO handouts.  

They are a very compassionate group of people and our presentation was well received.  There was lively discussion with many challenging questions being answered. Therapeutic Touch was brand new to a few people. Some had a hard time understanding how TT works, but have received benefits from other energy therapies and so are open to TT.   A few mentioned that they will investigate Level 1 classes.   One member felt that this information on TT will be helpful in the future to support clients.  They appreciated the opportunity to receive TT and half of the participants chose to receive a Therapeutic Touch session.

It's wonderful to spread the value of Therapeutic Touch, especially to a group that works with individuals and families coping with such a complex disease.

Guelph Wellness Fair

2017 04 28 Guelph Health Fair display

2017 04 28 Guelph Health Fair web

The three Guelph Branches participated in the annual Transformational Wellness Fair in Guelph on April 29th, 2017. There were over 25 holistic practitioners participating and we felt very privileged to be among them.

It was a very well attended successful event. We had the opportunity of providing about 27 Therapeutic Touch Sessions throughout the day and introducing the community to Therapeutic Touch.

Therapeutic Touch at the Al Green Art Studio

On March 28 Crystahawk crystall Hawk gave a talk on “TT for Self-Care” to the Al Green Sculpture Studio where she had been a member for 15 years. This was an early CARE150 Therapeutic Touch Awareness week event since she will be in Vancouver presenting at the BC TT Network Conference during that week.

Eighteen members attended including several retired medical personnel, a doctor, a dentist and two nurses. Each of those attending received a 6-page information TT book explaining the modality. The members took part in some exercises to learn unruffling and its uses, energized cotton, and saw a demonstration of the Hand-Heart Connection. Unexpectedly, at one point one attendee told of her experience when Crystal helped her with TT through a difficult surgery she had several years ago. Then five more members told their stories of being helped with TT at various times. Crystal had totally forgotten how many times she had offered TT to members and their family members over the years. This made the event very personal. Then members who had used their energized cotton wash cloths on various parts of their bodies during the talk began to report positive outcomes. A leg and a knee had stopped hurting. The event was closed with members doing the “Blue Bottle Imagery” with the gifted blue stones in their hands. Crystal appreciated being able to offer something of interest to so many old friends. Since it was the day before Crystal’s 88th birthday they ended with a birthday cake and ice cream. Crystal is the co-founder, along with Mary Simpson, of The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario.

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