Renfrew High School Students Learn About Therapeutic Touch

2016 10 RenfrewHighSchool3 2016 10 RenfrewHighSchool1The students of Saint Joseph High School’s Grade 11 Health Care class in Renfrew had an opportunity to learn about a complementary therapy when Recognized Teacher, Pat Tamosetis, introduced them to Therapeutic Touch®.   Students learned about the background of TT, the effects of TT, and how TT can help for stress management. After participating in a short session, several students remarked on the positive experience and expressed interest in learning more. They found the practice to be beneficial and challenging, as many had never heard of this type of therapy. Pat’s enthusiasm and passion for Therapeutic Touch inspired the students to consider and possibly participate in a full Therapeutic Touch workshop. Here, they are learning about energy fields and trying a bit of Therapeutic Touch.