Research at a Glance

Research studies have found that Therapeutic Touch® reduces anxiety, regulates and supports the immune function, alters the perception of pain and encourages general healing. One of the earliest research studies on Therapeutic Touch was a study conducted by Dolores Krieger. Her research found that the hemoglobin levels of patients who received Therapeutic Touch increased.

Since the early research done by Dolores Krieger, there continues to be a large number of Therapeutic Touch research studies being published.This website accordion lists the most recent Therapeutic Touch research under alphabetical categories, with shortened annotations. If you want to have a print copy of this research summary you may download a copy of Research at a Glance here.  For the full annotated bibliography please download the Annotated Bibliography of Published Therapeutic Touch® Research 2004-2015  here. This bibliography gives more information about the research studies.

This list will be of use to all those who are seeking to introduce Therapeutic Touch to their health care facility or to do Therapeutic Touch research . The links lead either to the article itself, or, more often, to the abstract. From the abstract there are links to the instructions for purchasing the full-text article. 

If you are a recently published author of Therapeutic Touch research, and would like to have your article listed in this bibliography, please send the relevant information to the TTNO office.

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