What is Therapeutic Touch?

Dora Kunz

Dolores Krieger

Therapeutic Touch was first brought to our attention in 1972 as a modern healing method, by Dolores Krieger,

PhD, RN, and her colleague, Dora Kunz.

Together, they standardized a technique that has been referred to as a contemporary interpretation of several
ancient healing practices.

Therapeutic Touch® is a holistic, evidence-based therapy that incorporates the intentional and compassionate use of universal energy to promote balance and well-being. It is a consciously-directed process during which the practitioner uses the hands as a focus to facilitate the healing process. The intent is to re-pattern the client’s energy field toward wholeness and health thereby enhancing their own ability to heal. Therapeutic Touch can be used by itself, or as a complement to other interventions.

For Your Health

Therapeutic Touch is used by health professionals, holistic practitioners, therapists, counselors, clergy, educators and private individuals in hospitals, hospices and palliative care units. Now, with a base of continuing research, Therapeutic Touch is taught and practiced throughout the world, including numerous universities and colleges in Canada and the United States. It is accepted in the policies and procedures of an increasing number of healthcare institutions world wide and as an intervention in a number of Ontario hospitals. For a more detailed description of Therapeutic Touch, click here. The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario has produced a DVD, Therapeutic Touch™ - The DVD, designed as an educational view of Therapeutic Touch, as developed by Dolores Krieger and Dora Kunz. To order this DVD click here.

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