What to Expect

What Does the Client Feel During a Session?

As responses to a Therapeutic Touch® session vary, there is no ‘right’ way to experience it. Many of those receiving Therapeutic Touch fall asleep during the session. Others may sometimes feel energy moving through their bodies or feel slight tingling sensations.

Research and clinical experience have shown that Therapeutic Touch is effective in promoting a relaxation response, reducing anxiety & stress, managing pain, improving sleep, facilitating the body’s natural healing process, and fostering a sense of well-being.

How Is It Done?

Therapeutic Touch releives Stress & AnxietyAlways individualized, a Therapeutic Touch session usually does not exceed 40 minutes. The client remains fully clothed. Depending on the preference of the client, Therapeutic Touch can be done with no physical touching, or with light touch on the shoulders, arms and legs.

The session can be administered while the client is sitting or lying down. First, the practitioner quiets her mind, becoming calm and present in the moment. Then, as she moves her hands from the head to the feet, two to four inches from the body, the practitioner notes any differences in the quality of the energy flow.

Following this, the hands are moved in a gentle, rhythmic motion with the intent to redistribute and rebalance the client’s energy field. The Therapeutic Touch session ends with a rest period of 20 minutes or more, during which time the body’s natural healing mechanisms respond to the client’s altered and rebalanced energy flow, and the client’s own healing momentum continues.

Therapeutic Touch is a registered trademark in Canada.

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