Therapeutic Touch at the 14th Annual Palliative Care Conference in Huntsville

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Eight of our practitioners in Huntsville offered short Therapeutic Touch sessions at the North Simcoe Muskoka Hospice Palliative Care Network's  (NSMHPCN) 14th Annual Palliative Care Conference in Huntsville, October 21.  The theme was "Consent, Capacity and Compassion Fatigue" and focussed on self-care.  Along with four Reiki practitioners, we offered short sessions at registration, all breaks and lunch hour.  The bonus was all the practitioners got to listen to all the speakers and have lunch and snacks as well.  What a wonderful day! The registrants signed up for specific times with specific practitioners.  It was very well organized.  A quiet room was set aside for all the treatments and people commented on the peacefulness as soon as they walked in to the room.

Thanks to the following Therapeutic Touch Practitioners for volunteering their time today: Chris Wall, Cathy Powley, Mary Jane Phillips, Catherine Oakden, Cathy Nystrom, Gwen Jones, Shirley Goyea, Glenn Boon & Shirley Boon.