Contacts for Practitioners, TTNO Branches, Teachers and Teachers Emeriti

Recognized Practitioners (RP)

Recognized practitioners are experience practitioners who have completed the training required by the Board of the TTNO. This includes completing the fundamental TherapeuticTouch®(TT) training criteria as set by the TTNO, thirty-two(32) additional hours of continuing TT studies, a have a minimum of one year’s practice,and after their basic TT training. They must also have completed the Practitioner Workbook and have it approved and attend a TTNO branch on a regular basis.

Therapeutic Touch Recognized Practitioner status is required to practice Therapeutic Touch in many Hospitals and Hospices and before a license can be obtained in some municipalities.

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TTNO Branch Contacts

A Therapeutic Touch® Branch is a place to increase your Therapeutic Touch skills in a supportive environment. To find a Branch in your area go to the Find a TTNO Branch Near You section of this website.

Most practitioners of Therapeutic Touch agree that being a member of a TTNO Brnch has both increased and helped maintain their Therapeutic Touch skills. Meetings are usually held at a regular time once or twice a month for two or three hours, in the afternoon or evening. There is almost always the opportunity to give and receive a Therapeutic Touch treatment. Some groups offer refreshments. There can be a donation required to cover room rent costs or for Therapeutic Touch material. For more information about TTNO branches click here.

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NOTE: If there is not a TTNO branch near you we invite you to join the Virtual Branch facilitated on Zoom by Alison Cooke. To contact her email [email protected]

Recognized Teachers (RT)

Recognized Teachers must first be Recognized Practitioners. In order to become a Recognized Teacher a Recognized Practitioner must work with a supervising Recognized Teacher to develop her/his own workshop outlines in accordance with the curriculum guidelines set out by the TTNO and teach several workshops with his/her supervisor in attendance. All Recognized Teachers of the TTNO sign a Statement of Ethics each year. For information about becoming a Recognized Teacher click here.

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Teachers Emeriti  (TE)

This Membership Category is for any Recognized Teacher who has informed the Board of Directors of the Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario that they wish to retire from active teaching service. A Teacher Emeritus member retains all rights and privileges of membership including the right to hold office and vote.  Retired Teachers may participate in Therapeutic Touch workshops with another active teacher and/or facilitate Professional Development Days in geographical areas where there is no other active teacher to do so.

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