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Evy Cugelman

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Evy Cugelman, RN, BA, QTTT was first introduced to Therapeutic Touch in 1992. She became a Recognized Teacher in 1994 after studying the Teacher Training Intensive with Dr. Dolores Krieger. She attended the Intermediate Invitational at Pumpkin Hollow with Dr. Krieger and Dora Kunz in 1994 & 95 and after that the Advanced Invitational until present time. Evy became a co-facilitator with Diane May at the Advanced after Dr. Krieger retired. She has attended the Montana Dialogues since 2016. Evy was involved with TTNO until moving to Colorado in 1999 and then became seriously involved with NHPAI now TTI, as a board member and conference chair in the early 2000's. Evy retired in 2018 and returned to Ontario. She is a gerontologist with a specialty in Person Directed Care including people living with dementia. She continues to teach and mentor for The Eden Alternative in the USA and in Canada. She is the co-author of The Neighborhood Guide Program to develop self directed teams in Long Term Care and the co-author of an Integrative Wellness Program for Long Term Care. Evy is available to see clients as requested.




Teaching Regions:

    Southern/Western Ontario

Practice Regions:

    Southern/Western Ontario

Contact Info:

Phone: 289-239-7036

Email: [email protected]

Qualified to Teach:

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

Teaching Cities:



Practice Cities: