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Mary Jane Cowtan

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Mary Jane Cowtan, RN (Ret.) COHN, CRSP had her first career in nursing, followed by Occupational Health and Safety, in which she currently works as a consultant in Process Safety Management. She was first called to Therapeutic Touch in 2007 after several life changing incidents caused her to revisit her purpose in life. She became an RP in 2010 and is currently part of the Teachers Collective. Mary Jane has served on the TTNO Board of Directors since 2015, first as the Vice Chair (2015-2018) and currently as the Chair. She has worked diligently to bring forward great TTNO conferences and continues to assist with this. Mary Jane has a private Therapeutic Touch practice in Muskoka serving members of the public in Baysville, Ontario.



Practice Regions:

    Eastern/Central Ontario

Contact Info:

Phone: 705-706-1357

Email: [email protected]

Practice Cities:

    Eastern/Central Ontario