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Yvonne Browning

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Yvonne Browning began her journey in Therapeutic Touch® in 1991 and worked to become a Recognized Practitioner in 1997. She volunteers with Hospice Wellington since 1993, providing Therapeutic Touch to their clients in their homes and for palliative care in hospitals. Since 1991, she has also provided Therapeutic Touch to chemotherapy clients at Groves Memorial Hospital in Fergus. Yvonne volunteers in the Art Therapy Program at Hospice Wellington in Guelph, Ontario. She also volunteers in the Homewood Health Center in the AMS Division. Yvonne provides Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Craniosacral, and Animal Communications in her own Practice, Integrated Energy Services in Fergus, Ontario.



Practice Regions:

    Southern/Western Ontario

Contact Info:

Phone: 519-787-0645

Email: [email protected]

Practice Cities: