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The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario has a wide variety of educational resources available including our annotated bibliographies of published Therapeutic Touch research. Click here for  The Annotated Bibliography of Published Therapeutic Touch® Research 1975 to July, 2004. Click here for the Annotated Bibliography of Therapeutic Touch™ Research 2004-2017. Click here for more information about these valuable resources.

The TTNO has produced Therapeutic Touch™: The DVD. This DVD explains Therapeutic Touch in a simple, informative way. A demonstration and explanation of a Therapeutic Touch session is included in the footage. This is a valuable resource for Hospices, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Community Colleges and for practitioners of Therapeutic Touch.

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NOTE: No shipping charges apply to orders picked up at the TTNO office.

**Therapeutic Touch™: The DVD

1. Introduction
2. The Therapeutic Touch Story
3. A Therapeutic Touch Session with Commentary
4. A Therapeutic Touch Session without Commentary

Cost $10.00    S&H $10.00

TTNO Brochures (50 brochures/unit)

Cost N/C         S&H $14.00

**TTNO Pins [Members Only]

Cost $5.00    S&H $2.00

Curriculum and Guidelines for Teaching Therapeutic Touch® - electronic edition

(Recognized Practitioners and Teachers only)

Cost $35.00     (Please call the office to order a hard copy - shipping costs will apply)

TTNO Branch Handbook (no charge for members)

Cost $25.00     S&H $14.00

CD – "Moving in to the Silence" - Guided Meditations

1. The Aum
2. A Connection to Source
3. Meditation for the Self
4. Breath Watching
5. The Rainbow Relaxation Exercise
6. An Adaptation of Dora's Meditation and
the Wounded Healer's Chant

Cost $10.00     S&H $10.00

TTNO Practitioner Workbook (The Transpersonal Nature of Therapeutic Touch or Level 3 Required)

Cost $35.00     S&H $15.00

TTNO Practitioner Workbook – Teacher/Supervisor copy
[Updated March 2019]

(Recognized Teachers and Recognized Practitioners only)

Cost $25.00     S&H $10.00

Armchair Wisdom with Dr. Krieger - DVD or USB Stick (New Price)

2 interviews with Dee Krieger
Anniversary Greeting August 2011
A Visit with Dee August 2017

Cost $15.00   S&H $4.00

Living Therapeutic Touch: A Personal Account.

In her book, Jitka Malec writes about her experiences with Therapeutic Touch both as teacher and receiver.

Cost $20.00     S&H $13.00

Conference 2021 or 2022 ConEd Workshops (8 hours) USB Stick

Cost $60.00 S&H $4.00 [Taxes added at checkout]

Teachers Day 2021or 2022 ConEd Workshops (8 hours) USB Stick

Cost $40.00  S&H $4.00

Conference & Teachers Day 2021 or 2002: Con Ed: 16 hours USB Stick (2020 available)

Cost $85.00   S&H $4.00 [Tax added at checkout]

A Book of Meditations: For Yourself, For Others and For Groups

Cost $15.00    S&H $4.00

"Ask Me About
Therapeutic Touch"

Diameter 5.5cm.
Cost 1-2 buttons/$2.00 each     S&H $3.75
Cost 3-6 buttons/$1.70 each     S&H $3.75
Cost 7-10 buttons/$1.40 each     S&H $3.75
For more than 10 buttons, please call the office.

TTNO Promotional Pen

Cost 1-2 pens/$2.00 each              S&H $4.00
Cost 3-6 buttons/$1.70 each         S&H $4.00
Cost 7-10 buttons/$1.40 each       S&H $4.00
For more than 10 pens, please call the office.

TTNO Fridge Magnets - add your contact information to the magnet

Cost for 1 magnet $1.00        S&H $.50
Cost for 10 magnets $8.00      S&H $6.00

From Heart to Hands: Celebrating the Art of Therapeutic Touch® and Its Practitioners - A Meditative Collection of Poetry, Prose, and Visual Arts

Cost $15.00      S&H $6.50

Now in stock.

Therapeutic Touch License Plate Holder

Cost for one  $7.00      S&H $10.00
Cost for two  $10.00      S&H $13.00

Just For You DVD

2018 Conference Slide Show [long]
2018 Conference Slide Show [short]
2015 Conference Slide Show

Cost $9.00      S&H $4.00