MAY 6-12?

Therapeutic Touch Awareness Week (TT Awareness Week) is an annual province-wide event to promote awareness of Therapeutic Touch®. We celebrate and strengthen our involvement in our communities, while also seeking to develop new community connections. We have updated our logo as we invite our world-wide Therapeutic Touch networks to join us in celebrating this day.

The TT Awareness Week Task Group works every year to update our resources, sharing them as widely and in as many ways as possible.  All our resources have been updated to include the new logo. Check out the updated Member Downloads page to find them. We also organize workshops that bring members together to to share ideas about creating outreach activities for community partners.

We have one workshop planned for this year to get you excited about awareness week. Join us on Zoom for this event March 20, 7:00-8:30pm. Click here to register for this workshop.

Compassion: Reaching into the Heart of Your Community with Therapeutic Touch®

What does community mean to you?
Where does community show up in your neighbourhood?
How do we consciously integrate the call of compassion into our community outreach?
We share, we listen, we build.

Last year's TT Awareness Week was very successful. We are grateful to the Task Group for their ongoing commitment and hard work.

It's never too early to begin making connections for this year's outreach activities, so start thinking ahead. Please be sure to keep checking this page for more information.

We have a wealth of resources waiting for you. The updated Member Downloads page will take you to where you can find them. Click on the link for Therapeutic Touch Awareness Week 2024 and TTNO Tool Kit to find all you need to create an effective outreach activity.

Here are some downloads to get you started:

Outreach Activity Registration Form

Building Community Partnerships

Outreach Activity Lead Role

What Can Therapeutic Touch Do For Me Talk Points